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From keeping your gear to your fingers from freezing, Antarctica is one of the most difficult places on Earth for a film crew to work. Most tunnels were only 2 – 2½ feet wide and 4½ feet tall, with thick roofs capable of withstanding the weight of tanks or the impact of bombs. A week or two ago, I discovered the frozen, hoth-like wonderland of the South Pole Ice Tunnels. Editorial credit: Pavel L Photo and Video / Shutterstock. Other stories say that the Nazis contacted and were working with a group of extra-terrestrials and that there is an huge underground base there. Scientists from a number of British universities detected the 820-foot-high tunnels when they flew a plane over the Flichner-Ronne Ice Shelf in West Antarctica. Because Antarctica lies in the southern hemisphere, seasons there are the opposite of seasons in the north — summer runs from October to February and winter covers the remainder of the year. Nick Redfern May 28, 2011 UFO hunters have been turning more and more to the frozen continent of Antarctica to search for anomalies and aerial phenomena of late, and recently, while perusing images in a mountainous region of the South Pole, came across what they believe to be is “final proof of secret technology” — part of a disc seems to be displayed protruding from a cave. antarctica). The second tunnels were built as part of Project Riese and extended much further underground. Conspiracy theorists recall the rumor, following WWII, of Nazi bases that were established in Antarctica. High Strangeness in Antarctica - Tunnels as tall as the Eiffel Tower discovered This intrigues me for the obvious reason that it appears to confirm in some respects those persistent stories about Nazi bases in Antarctica that have been around since the Nazi Neuschwabenland expedition to the continent in late 1938 and early 1939. However, the real purpose of the tunnels is still a matter of speculation. The first South Pole station melted snow. Many of those caves, especially on the continent have yet to be Surviving historic Antarctic huts from the heroic age can be visited in the Ross Sea region, on the Antarctic Peninsula, the South Orkney Islands or at Commonwealth Bay, East Antarctica. I wrote about it here: Freezing in the South Pole Ice Tunnels Now, as if one hour in a -60F tunnel of solid ice wasn't enough, I've gone down again to do a bit more exploring. 31 Jan 2019 Antarctica hasn't been doing so well lately. But you probably haven’t heard of an Antarctica day. ice tunnel of antarctica photo Random Photo. the Hyperboreans dug large tunnels through the earth’s crust using giant machines and settled under what is today the Himalayas. Massive balloons help polar scientists build underground tunnels. 8 . 24 Nov 2018 In January 2018 the flags of Russian cities and regions were put up at the Antarctica to honor the homeland of the Russian seafarers and  Ice Tunnels. Wide-eyed with fascination, she watched as telephone poles, cars, and farms whizzed by. South Pole Ice Tunnels in Antarctica wonders of the world Deep below one of the world’s most remote outposts, a network of tunnels cut into the ice has come to house “shrines” dedicated to both the odd, and the profound. Earthquakes deep below West Antarctica reveal an active volcano hidden beneath the massive ice sheet, researchers said today (Nov. com - Does an ancient lost city exist on the shores of Lake Vostok? It is possible that a remnant of a highly advanced civilization still remain in warmer underground caverns of Antarctica? Here is an interesting article discussing the discovery in Antarctica of huge tunnels, as large as the Eiffel Tower, 324 meters (1,063 ft) tall. Tunnel entrance when closed. UFOS IN ANTARCTICA. 28 May 2018 Scientist says giant walls and cooling tunnels may be the best ways to to protect the massive ice sheets that cover Greenland and Antarctica. But as the Fifth Dimensional People of the Inner Earth Agartha Cities are wise and non-violent, Lemuria had to convince Agartha that it had learned from its mistakes and would embark upon a course of Peace. 5k Views - Drunk Girl Caught and gangbang like a punishment Must Watch (Ajmer Jaipur Rajasthan Unsatisfied Girls Comment below and Contact Us) 1946: The tunnels are closed to students after multiple reports of a Tunnel Bear wandering the hallways. A widespread fringe belief is that a network of prehistoric tunnels carved by space aliens or a lost race of giants honeycombs the earth beneath South America. The Secret Network Of Tunnels And The “Golden Triangle” of Dacia The Lemurians petitioned the Agartha Network and Civilization of the Inner Earth to become a member. First published in 1999, Tunnels North America Edition is the leading source for information on tunnelling in the US and Canada. It is 3800km south of Christchurch and 1350km from the South Pole. A burrow has been discovered in the ancient flood  3 Aug 2018 Looking along the curved wall of the Casey tunnel building, looks like a large, Casey tunnel building (Photo: Robert (Bob) Allen) Long tunnel  2 Apr 2018 From dark magic and ancient prophecies to secret Nazi tunnels in Antarctica, here are five theories that walk the line between shocking fact and  Researchers from a number of UK universities and the British Antarctic Survey - a research centre based on the continent - detected the tunnels  7 Nov 2017 Study Bolsters Theory of Heat Source Under West Antarctica. Disguised ventilation shaft: M60 machine gun: M30 machine gun Nope, There Was Never a Secret Nazi Base in Antarctica. The underground city at Derinkuyu is neither the largest nor oldest, but it fascinates as it is the deepest of the underground cities and was only recently discovered in 1963. world, underground tunnels and cave systems, dimensional worlds , metaphysics, etc. Metal arches and fuel lines used for building furnaces run above. It is millions of years old and the face is that of a Pleiadian Elder. Learn about famous tunnels such as the Lincoln Tunnel and Channel Tunnel, read how the Cu Chi Tunnels were used in the Vietnam War and understand what a tunnel boring machine is. When complete, the cannon was 140 meters long and could fire a 140 kilogram shell at a target over 165 kilometers away. But it turns out that the southern continent has a wealth of varied and spectacular features to offer. Larger Image. That day though, I ended up mentioning the Shanghai tunnels. For the last 5 years, she has been exploring, mapping and documenting the ancient underwater structures of Rock Lake – near Aztalan. This itinerary is unlike Archaeologists believe the underground cities of Cappadocia could number in the hundreds. This process will eventully destroy the Station. Under this British Antarctic Survey camp in Antarctica, scientists have discovered giant tunnels under Anatrctica’s Ice. "I've [also] seen dozens of caves that have inorganic origins, and in these cases, it's very clear that digging animals had no role in their Live Science is supported by its audience. It’s called, quite simply, Day Trip, and it’s a single day wherein you fly into Antarctica and then fly out a changed human, booking now for a December departure. Nazis, Antarctica, and Bigfoot. We have a rather large Officials of the U. The inner tunnels lead to a secret World under the Gobi Plateau in Mongolia and, most importantly, to Antarctica. 17) in a study published in the journal Nature Geoscience. The research could help scientists better estimate future ice loss in the area. The 10 most amazing unexplained artifacts Every once in a while archaeologists (and sometimes amateur archaeologists) make remarkable discoveries. It has the largest circulation of any regional tunnelling publication. Researchers concluded that the placement of the tunnels means that they were most likely formed from meltwater – water released from melting ice – that flowing Hitler's Antarctic Fortress Unmasked . Strange Molelike Animal Melts Ice Tunnels With Its Head It has been known for many years as the only terrestrial mammal in Antarctica. 00'' S, 168° 34' 40. Now, a new study finds that these subglacial volcanoes The enormous complex radiates under Wash. It appears to show the Antarctic coast hundreds of Posted in Pole Underground Tagged Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica, Antarctica's Underground Bases, New Swabia, Operation Highjump, Orcadas Base, Queen Maud Land, Richard E. All of the Project Riese tunnels remained unfinished at the end of WW2, and although the Wolfsberg complex had the largest number of bored tunnels, most of these are just bare rock, with only a small amount of finished concrete, such as the Entrance 4 guard room shown on the left above. The Transantarctic Mountains stretch for more than 2,000 miles (3,200 km) from Victoria Land to the shores of the Weddell Sea. 12 month print subscription Each year more than 43 million journeys start or end at Euston, one of central London’s busiest Tube stations, but few travellers know that on the other side of the station walls are networks of abandoned tunnels and a disused ticket office – and most people zooming past don’t know that these The Cu Chi tunnels, northwest of Saigon, used by the Viet Cong as a base of operations for the Tet Offensive in '68. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the US. The tunnels are nearly as This feature is not available right now. The tunnels are very large, being described as arching 820 feet high, but still far under the depth of the ice sheets that cover Antarctica. Antarctica[edit]. They’ve The segment opens with a potted history and geography of the continent of Antarctica, and Andrew Collins is our first pundit of the season, saying nothing interesting. Cu Chi underground tunnels: Located 60km from Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi is now considered a heroic district for its role during the American war in Vietnam. North Korea blows up nuclear tunnels More Videos showed international journalists watching as North Korea appeared to destroy tunnels used to test nuclear weapons. OCEAN TUNNELS has 604 members. Jonathan Young, another series regular, and David Childress, in a new black wardrobe, both agree that Antarctica is mysterious. TOXIC GOO from a massive nuke base hidden under the Antarctic is set to Army engineers constructed nearly two miles of tunnels underneath Greenland. The April 5, 1909 edition of The Phoenix Gazette carried a story entitled “Explorations in Grand Canyon. Carpenter bees overwinter as adults, usually within vacant nest tunnels. 3 Dec 2018 The eastern section of Antarctica is buried beneath a thick ice sheet. Helen Cho, director of special operations and producer at Zero Point Zero Production, sat down with the Antarctica episode crew to talk about what it was like filming and living at the bottom of the world. Researchers from a number of UK universities and the British A secret world of animals and plants—including unknown species—may live in warm caves under Antarctica's glaciers, scientists said Friday. Posted in Exoarcheology, Featured. As the weather warms in spring, the adults emerge and mate. 5. A MYSTERIOUS structure found buried 'in Antarctica' that measures more than 14 miles long and was discovered on Google Earth has left people on the internet baffled. The Ellerman House can arrange for a Gulfstream private jet for up to 14 people ($210,000 for the entire plane). A tunnel in the Guangzhou metro is one of the longest tunnels in the world. It's a little easier for skinny bastards like him. There has been lots of talk lately about Antarctica and whether or not the continent's giant ice sheet is melting. and WHY? #5 10-7-13 Scientists using radar to peer underneath the Antarctic ice shelves have located massive channels cut into the ice deep Luxury travel company Red Savannah is a tour operator providing bespoke itineraries to global travelers, whether it’s a safari, beach holiday or wine tasting you’re after. something strange is going on in antarctica (updated) Posted by George Freund on February 5, 2012 at 8:15 AM VOSTOK STATION ANTARCTICA is the scene of an unfolding mystery as Fox News reports the Russian scientists have been out of contact for many days and are presumed missing. Tunnels as tall as the Eiffel Tower discovered under Antarctic ice Scientists from a number of British universities detected the 820-foot-high tunnels when they flew a plane over the Flichner-Ronne Ice Shelf in West Antarctica. A little girl was taking her first train ride. So these amazing structures are nearly as tall as the Eiffel  You'll need snow flaps for Antarctica, but not for the Arctic. In 2012 Tunnels and Tunnelling North America became the official publication of the Tunnelling Association of Canada. Foreign Agents Series Exopolitics UK www. Maintenance and construction of tunnels supported by Tractel® solutions. It is thought that Hitler had direct access to the lower tunnels through an elevator in his quarters, and it is also thought that when Project Riese was completed, those tunnels would connect to the rest of the underground city. Stumble Thru. SECRET underground tunnels connecting Antarctica with Australia and Argentina have been discovered, according to claims online. NASA Medal of Honor recipient Admiral Richard E. The active formation of tunnel valleys is observed in the present period beneath the Antarctic ice. They were the improvised response of a poorly equipped peasant army to its enemy’s high-tech ordnance, helicopters, artillery, bombers and chemical weapons. A NASA study has discovered new evidence of an ancient geothermal heat source beneath West Antarctica. Discover South Pole Ice Tunnels in Antarctica: These passages carved from the Antarctic ice hold strange shrines to the harsh southernmost climes. Tour a section of the massive system of tunnels that once provided safe haven and a base of operations for communist forces. It's a constant -60C/-50F in these tunnels. The discovery finally confirms long-held suspicions of volcanic activity concealed by the vast West Antarctic ice tunnel of antarctica photo. And the best part: for subscribing you will receive a 10% welcome discount on your first order. "There's no geological process in the world that produces long tunnels with a circular or elliptical cross-section, which branch and rise and fall, with claw marks on the walls," Frank told Discover. By David Grossman. "We don't yet know just how many cave systems exist around Antarctica's volcanoes, or how interconnected these subglacial environments might be," Charles Lee, another co-author of the research, said in a statement. Others claim Antarctica was the home of the mythical city of Atlantis. They are 60-80 feet below the surface. There are about 400 lakes hidden underneath Antarctica’s ice shelves, the largest of which is called Lake Exploring the Secret Nazi Tunnels Under a German Vacation Town by Luke Spencer July 28, 2015 Tunnel system beneath the Platterhof Hotel, now part of the Documentation Centre exhibit. ” and showed a The Mysterious Haunted Tunnels of World War II. New Swabia (Norwegian and German: Neuschwabenland) was an unrecognized Antarctic claim [clarification needed] by Nazi Germany and is now a cartographic name sometimes given to an area of Antarctica between 20°E and 10°W in Queen Maud Land, which is claimed as a Norwegian dependent territory under the Antarctic Treaty System. Here are 8 spooky and strange things found In Antarctica. D. a group of scientists gain a lead on an unknown lifeform buried deep within the icey lairs of antarctica by a mysterious stranger. The inner tunnels lead to a secret World under the Gobi Plateau in Mongolia and to Antarctica. A tunnel valley is a large, long, U-shaped valley originally cut under the glacial ice near the margin of continental ice sheets such as that now covering Antarctica and formerly covering portions of all continents during past glacial ages. Google Goggles might be able to help with authentication there. Unveiling the Mysteries of Antarctica and Exposing the Cover-up at the surface that some say lead to underground tunnels and subglacial rivers flowing in an Guest List in Antarctica. The huge and mysterious “anomaly” is thought to be lurking beneath the A tunnel valley is a large, long, U-shaped valley originally cut under the glacial ice near the margin of continental ice sheets such as that now covering Antarctica and formerly covering portions of all continents during past glacial ages. Members of the Lake Whillans drill team lived in yellow tents studding the Antarctic landscape. Several myths and legends also relate how the first human beings emerged from underground caves, tunnels and even cities. com In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of the Bucegi mountains, an epochal discovery was found that would completely change the destiny of mankind. 14 Nov 2018 SECRET underground tunnels connecting Antarctica with Australia and Argentina have been discovered, according to claims online. com says: December 12, 2018 at 9:03 pm Wooden walkways ran past the buildings. Action Photography; Animal Photography; Art This will serve to increase the stability of the structures and tunnels requiring less bracing and support. After that day, the joined resistance group got bigger and bolder. Checking it often is also worth your while, as you'll regularly receive Crazy Cash Points as gifts for reading. • This connects to WWII and the German Tibet expedition, Romania being fast-tracked into NATO, hollow earth, the eye above the pyramid and more. The drive, in the Santa Fe National Forest, is definitely worth it. The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth was in Antarctica, on a Russian station. Secret underground tunnels – see how they’re made. Scott Smith confidently walks farther down the tunnel that was carved by machine and man more than a decade ago, pointing out where workers have more recently SHOCK CLAIM: John Kerry ‘visited Antarctica to examine secret Nazi UFO base’ US SECRETARY of State John Kerry visited Antarctica to examine the remains of a secret Nazi UFO base, it has Did the Nazis Have a Secret Antarctic Fortress? And, if you’re in the grocery store right now trying to decide between grape or cherry tomatoes, here’s an at-a-glance recap: Scientists believe a massive object that could change our understanding of history is hidden beneath the Antarctic ice. A newly discovered moon tunnel could be the perfect place for a colony, scientists say (K. You’ve heard of a New York minute. The flight is five-and-a-half hours of unadulterated luxury, complete with an in-flight meal of sushi and wagyu beef tartare and cocktails prepared with thousand-year-old glacial ice from Antarctica—because regular ice just won’t do. ice climbing, hiking expeditions , abseiling down an iceberg, exploring ice tunnels and even BASE jumping. Antarctica is the world’s coldest place. The pyramid of Cheops, also known as the great pyramid of Giza, is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, but its construction and the other pyramids of Egypt remain wrapped in mystery, theories concerning to raise them by going to the idea that had been built by aliens. The floor of the tunnel is made from stone slabs. upon reading it tells them of the exact location this life form was seen. This was done. Navy sources said they found the video in an abandoned supply dump 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Vokstok Station. com to order single issues of the following magazines: Blueprint, FX, Tunnels & Tunnelling International, Tunnels and Tunnelling North America, Cranes Today, Hoist, Timber Trades Journal, Wood Based Panels International, Economia, Foodservice Consultant EAME, Foodservice Consultant Americas, and Food service Asia Pacific. The pregnancy lasts about 52 days when a litter of 5-10 Upon arrival at the Cu Chi Tunnels, a local guide will escort you underground for a brief visit. Tours of the site explain the ways in which this network was created and then maintained. Then, a military guide will explain, with the use of dioramas, the underground network. At  9 Aug 2017 Antarctica is effectively a freezing time-capsule that contains clues about life on But what's the truth about the frozen continent of Antarctica? The fascinating documentary titled "The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica. 8 miles of Shoemaker Canyon Road on pavement, then walk or mountain-bike the remaining graded-dirt section, going steadily uphill, to reach a pair of tunnels: 1. Although there are dozens of scientific bases on the White Continent, you don’t have to be Only two volcanoes in Antarctica are active. History The tunnels of Cu Chi were built over a period of 25 years that began sometime in the late 1940s. As the least visited continent in the world, Antarctica is an unknown, mysterious place to most people. The walls and ceilings of the tunnels are ceramic tile with fluorescent lighting recessed into the ceilings. The amazingly huge tunnels were discovered by a British team using an airplane with ground-penetrating radar to look beneath the ice. Brent Swancer August 19 ancient tunnels and Nazis,” but that shortly after this contact with the British base had then been lost South Pole Station, Antarctica: Life as a Polie Here at the South Pole, all of our electrical wiring and water pipes are housed below the surface, in "ice tunnels High Strangeness In Antarctica Tunnels As Tall As The Eiffel Tower Discovered December 9, 2016 January 21, 2017 admin Antarctica , Tunnels This intrigues me for the obvious reason that it appears to confirm in some respects those persistent stories about Nazi bases in Antarctica that have been around since the Nazi Neuschwabenland expedition to The Vietnam War, or the American War as it is known in Vietnam, pitched modern American technology against fierce Vietcong resistance fighters waging a guerilla war. Arctic Fox Facts and Adaptations Vulpes lagopus / Alopex lagopus Arctic foxes (also sometimes called the polar fox, white fox or snow fox) are true animals of the far north, they live their whole lives above the northern tree line in the Arctic tundra. Well, here comes one. The entrances to this extensive network of secret underground worlds are deliberately blacked-out on Google Maps, according to conspiracy theorists. The tunnels were expanded and refined again during the Vietnam War, becoming a base of operations for the Vietcong, as well an effective line of defence. These easy-to-install 4' cable channels can be painted, cut and even routed around a corner. Their discovery was made possible by radars, mounted on planes, as well as satellite photographs, revealing that existence of ridges and cavities on the ice surface corresponded to tunnels at the base of the ice layer. 26 Jun 2019 Antarctica is the final frontier for adventure travelers, and although most trips leave from Argentina, it is possible to get there from South Africa. Scientists have uncovered the largest volcanic region on Earth – two kilometres below the surface of the vast ice sheet that covers west Antarctica. Also noteworthy, Presidents Eisenhower and Clinton have visited Bariloche. com. There are a few keys that can help us understand what this means in the context of global warming. This is a confusing point to some. Starting in 1969, his plan influenced development in Dallas throughout the 1970s and 80s by including underground tunnels and passageways for residents and visitors to get around downtown without suffering from rain or extreme Texas heat. Hidden Underground Bases and Tunnels in America November 04, 2015 While looking at Google Earth images of Antarctica, a researcher noticed what appears to be a History of the Cu Chi tunnels: the Ho Chi Minh City (previously called Saigon) was harshly punished during the French occupation and during the Vietnam war. Wednesday, March 20, 2013 20:59 But the tunnels are there, and there is a lot of interesting stuff down there, several fully Britain's Secret War in Antarctica The Antarctica mystery deepens as more details emerge about Norwegian, German, British and American expeditions from the 1930s and nuclear blasts over Queen Maud Land in the 1950s. Scientists have discovered tunnels beneath thick ice layers in Antarctica, which are comparable in height to the Eiffel Tower. In August 1936, the German Foreign Office found some unclaimed territory in Antarctica between Norwegian and British zones and an expedition to explore and claim the region between 20 degrees east Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages. I had an opportunity to take a walk in these tunnels. com - the best free porn videos on internet, 100% free. by Brian Dunning . The 820-foot tunnels are nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower – which measures just over 987 feet – and more than four times as tall as Tower Bride – which comes in at 213 feet. 00'' E 1. In 1967, the United States abandoned a top-secret military base in Greenland because its For many people, the word "Antarctica" evokes images of endless sheets of ice. Visit Atlas Obscura for lots more on the wonders of Antarctica, including Trinity Church, the Port Lockroy Post Office, and the shrine-filled South Pole ice tunnels. Deep within Antarctica's ice, there are vast warm ice caves produced from the heat of an active volcano. Case in point The continent of Antarctica has been losing more than 100 cubic kilometers (24 cubic miles) of ice per year since 2002. Air Force staff sergeant who was investigating the secret military facility beneath the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) in North Carolina, told us back in 2011 that he believed PARI is connected by underground tunnels to other facilities in the Appalachian Mountains. LIFE ON ICE II Hotheads From Discover 16(4), 14 (April 1995) Please see "Hot-Headed Moles in Antarctica," a problem-based learning problem. The characteristic Styrofoam-squeak of rubber-soled boots on the compacted snow is muted in the ice tunnels below the South Pole Station. Bariloche became the unofficial capital of a breakaway German civilization based in Antarctica, and it is claimed that there is a hidden tunnel system from there to Antarctica. Naval Support Task Force in Antarctica predictably denied the story or the possession of any video shot by the missing AtlantisTV crew. ” Astronaut Buzz Aldrin sent a tweet claiming that humanity was in danger, and that a mysterious "it" was "evil itself. Mt Erebus, an active volcano, sits north-east and to the west, across McMurdo Sound, is the Royal Society Range. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. It is a maglev (magnetic levitation) line using partly evacuated tubes or tunnels. Viet Cong booby trap: The spikes waiting for you at the bottom of the pit. The tunnels temperature averages minus 17 degrees C, even at minus 40 degrees on the surface. There is Mount Erebus, which is roughly due south of New Zealand, and Deception Island, which lies about 850km south east of Cape Horn. The Ocean Tunnels heat engine barge seems to have done its job heating the blogosphere view spike. Blood Falls is an outflow of water, flowing from the Taylor Glacier onto the ice-covered surface of West Lake Bonney in the Taylor Valley of the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Victoria Land, East Antarctica. The underground highways travel in the same directions as the shuttle system known as the Terradrive Shuttle or the Sub-Global System. 2. How does that work? Virginia Tunnels and Maitresse Madeline1 5 min Mimimouse - 57. Known by a variety of nicknames, including the V3 and the “London Gun,” the German super powered cannon was a gigantic artillery piece that could shell the British capital from tunnels dug into fields near the coast of France. Reduced air resistance could permit vactrains to travel at very high ( Hypersonic ) speeds with relatively little power—up to 6,400–8,000 km/h (4,000–5,000 mph). Today you can drive the first 1. Anchor the tent with skis and poles. Become a member to read more - Click here Numerous ‘alleged’ covert operations took place during the Nazi era, and one of the most memorable is that of Neuschwabenland and their enigmatic Base 211 located within Antarctica. The inspection of the highway tunnels throughout the country is done by the National Tunnel Inspection Standard. Our complete range includes products for confined space access, measurement devices to ensure proper load requirements are met, and hoists to allow for the easy transport of people and materials of almost any weight and configuration, as well as specially designed access solutions. These dens can often contain a long network of tunnels covering as much as 1000 m 2. 13, 2017 , 1:15 PM. 6 miles north of the closed gate. When a smaller ice shelf collapsed on the other side of West Antarctica in January 2002, we were blind. Did Martian Refugees Settle in Antarctica over a Million Years Ago? Written by Dr Michael Salla on February 21, 2017. Their discovery  Stylish tented camp in the white wilderness of Antarctica; Choice of specially to the South Pole, trekking to ice tunnels, rock climbing, abseiling and kite-skiing  As if I needed more evidence that I have a really awesome job, I occasionally get emails from my editor, Jason, that say things like, "A reader just left a comment  In early January, the start of summer in Antarctica, a dozen tractors towing sleds laden with 1. Part 3 of 3 2006 02 05. Deconstructing a wild tale about a Nazi military base deep inside Antarctica. All That Ice an Snow Is Heavy Water Coming Off Of Greenland and Antarctica Sinking The Ocean Floors Putting Pressure on the Thermal Antarctica is losing ice mass while gaining ice extent. Grand Canyon Mystery. M. And sightings of “pyramids”, "tunnels" and "lost cities" on the icy continent's surface have brought more questions than answers with the most important being: Who made these giant structures? Antarctica is an amazing giant continent at the south pole of our globe. Denial of Antarctica is a land of ice. Very beautiful! The few discernible shots of Antarctica are very poor stills, and the cave shots, being all interior shots with no external point of reference, could be from many places around the world. Quayle believes that the U. Conspiracy Cryptozoology Creatures That Lurk Below. Are you keeping up with the astonishing secrets of our past? Face in Antarctica Google Earth: 72°00' 36. On 16 February 2016, Will Glendinning, Dave Crump and their boat's crew, set sail from Cape Horn aboard the 54' steel-hulled 'Pelagic' sailing vessel for three weeks. #Neioh "This is an ancient artifact which has been altered in appearance by the temperature and wear over time. Tunnel Facts. Recently the company announced its once-in-a-lifetime itinerary: Antarctica by Private Jet. carving tunnels in the snow to reach the ice beneath. These tunnels lead toward the seacoast angling away at a slope of 14 degrees. Antarctica . Skeptoid Podcast #559 For instance, most of the aqueducts in Massachusetts are maintained by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. The Viet Cong excavated more than 124 miles of underground tunnels, which form a vast subterranean complex. There are several accounts that discuss ancient cities, and even nazi bases being built in Antarctica. There have even been accounts of stranded sailers surviving winters in caves on the sub-Antarctic islands. In the view of many ufologists and researchers, these mysterious entrances could be secret military underground facilities, extraterrestrial bases but even ordinary caves which formed over time due to the harsh weather conditions that rule over Antarctica. This list picks up the 10 best places of historical interest to visit around Vietnam, from the rudimentary hand-dug tunnels to a brutal prison The map clearly shows Antarctica without its covering of ice. Water lines run below, insulated and kept from freezing with electric heat tapes. At least one of them looked fake to me (like a matte painting). Into the Tunnels is a complete game playable with our 15mm scale pewter minis and resin tunnel sections. A new study destroys the myth once and for all. Submit a Photo. Researchers find secret, warm oasis beneath Antarctica's ice that could be home to undiscovered species A study of the subglacial caves could reveal new undiscovered animal or plant species living This is the camp from which scientists discovered 820-foot-high channels underneath an ice shelf—a piece of ice jutting out into the ocean from land—in Antarctica. They include a number of separately named mountain This is "ICE TUNNELS - WHITE DESERT - ANTARCTICA" by White Desert on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. The pristine ice wilderness of Antarctica is an unforgettable destination, teeming or a visit to the underground tunnels of Buenos Aires then please let us know. To date, just six have been excavated. — 18°C. 8 and 2. 4. The massive ice shelves and glaciers of Antarctica are rife with spectacular caves and tunnels carved into ice formed thousands of The main production effort for what are known as the new station "ice tunnels" took place over 3 summers, from 1999-2000 to 2001-02. "They're really Your customizable and curated collection of the best in trusted news plus coverage of sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook/Hotmail, Facebook A team of British scientists has discovered tunnels that are almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower under an ice shelf in Antarctica. Land ice is different than sea ice. After a quick 1,700 paved miles of roads under Dulce and Northern New Mexico, towards Los Alamos is another 800 miles of tunnels. When the train approached a river, she became frightened and cried out, “Mommy! The train is going into the river!” But a bridge carried it across to the other Source. All of the surviving huts are in relatively difficult to access and less frequently visited regions of Antarctica. 29 Aug 2016 The ice tunnels meander underground for nearly a kilometer. Conclusion The Crazy Factory newsletter will keep you up to date about new products, discounts and specials. . Did the Nazi’s create a secret base in Antarctica? Neuschwabenland or New Swabia is located on the Antarctic continent between 20°E and 10°W in Queen Maud Land. Over 32 kilometers of tunnels contain shopping malls, subway stations, commuter train stations, apartments, condominiums, museums, universities, and even an amphitheater. blogspot. April Pazzo was about to call it a day when she noticed that the penquins she was observing seemed strangely agitated. This is a preview of our premium article available only to members of Ancient Pages. Antarctica's secret city was apparently '"confirmed" by an ancient map called the Piri Reis map, compiled in 1513 from military intelligence. the group of scientists gathers a team and eventually goes out to the life form coordinates but didnt get to the destination, but merely fell Vulnerable parts of the higher, colder ice sheet of East Antarctica would eventually fall apart, too, and the result by the year 2500 would be 43 feet of sea level rise from Antarctica alone, with KGB Map of Alien Bases on Earth. This connects to WWII and the German Tibet expedition, Romania being fast-tracked into NATO, hollow earth, the eye above the pyramid and more. The SANUS Elements™ ELM303 is a cable tunnel truck pack that makes it easy for installers to conceal and route even the most complex cable arrangements. One thought on “ Antarctica bombshell as 'pyramids and tunnels' found on Google Earth | Daily Star ” htpp //m. Why DARPA Wants Your Help Finding Creepy Tunnels. Antarctic sea ice tends to be covered by thicker snow, which may accumulate to the point that the weight of snow pushes the ice below sea level, causing the snow to become flooded by salty ocean waters. The discovery of a vast network of tunnels suggests that Stone Age humans were not just spending their days hunting and gathering. The tunnel system is used to move some of the mind-control sex slaves. 2C. But rather than burrowing into rock, the tunnels were simply carved out of the ice itself UFOs-Disclosure Northumberland, United Kingdom UFO ET DISCLOSURE "Disclosure" is the name given to the announcement by various world governmental leaders that we are not alone in the universe and that, in fact, many races of galactic human beings are here around this planet and have been for some time. How Antarctica’s Bucegi is also said to be sprawled by underground tunnels of tens of kilometres, but also places where people heal miraculously due to “live water” and “holes of heaven”. 8 Dec 2017 Its ultralow frequencies have been recorded in Antarctica and [A newly discovered moon tunnel could be the perfect place for a colony,  23 Jun 2017 Today expeditioners on Antarctica's scientific bases jump into the icy and through tunnels to Olav Bjaaland and Jorgen Stubberud's carpentry  18 Oct 2017 Scenes from White Desert luxury camp in Antarctica few guests a chance to explore neon-blue ice tunnels, get an up-close look at a colony of . exopolitics. 3. But dive below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and you'll find fire as well, in the form of subglacial volcanoes. Antarctica is the coldest continent; temperatures in the winter can drop below –73°C (-100°F). Icebergs calved by glacial ice continue to present problems even today. Beautiful and colourful old buildings, cobbled streets, trees with foliage cut into block shapes to provide shade, mariachi bands walking the narrow paths between houses with an audience in tow and the dubious selling point of having the youngest mummified foetus on display. Learn more How a Massive Wall in Antarctica Could Hold Back Sea-Level Rise On these longer adventures, you can learn how to rock climb on Nunatak mountain, travel deeper into Antarctica to visit the Emperor Penguins, explore ice-tunnels beneath the camp, and even visit HITLER’S ANTARCTIC BASE: THE MYTH AND THE REALITY 3 permanently manned bases that could be used to ob-tain information on shipping activity, to deny the use of harbours to German ships, and to support teams of researchers engaged in geographical discovery and scientific investigation (Fuchs 1982: 22–54). A former U. Hector seemed to go stiff as I uttered the name. These mountains divide East Antarctica and West Antarctica. The area in and around downtown Montreal houses is the largest underground complex in the world known as The Indoor City or La Ville Souterriane. Descending deep down under the Great Pyramid, we discovered amazing finds, including an unopened sarcophagus buried in the water. These are the Paris Catacombs: a network of old caves, quarries and tunnels stretching hundreds of miles, and seemingly lined with the bones of the dead. The Secret of Secrets: Tunnels in Bucegi Mountains — Displaying our true history discovered in 2003 nesaranews. Olympia Modular is raising funds for TUNNELS - Infinite Multiple for Eurorack Synthesizers on Kickstarter! TUNNELS is a new type of eurorack utility that allows you to duplicate and route signals across your modular synthesizer. XVideos. 12 month print subscription First published in 1999, Tunnels North America Edition is the leading source for information on tunnelling in the US and Canada. I like Hector, but I never really bought into any of his stories as more than fiction. What are Arctic Fox mating rituals like? Breeding season occurs during April and May, when foxes will mate in monogamous pairs. Most of us are familiar with the legendary stories about the Nazis who explored the polar regions of our planet and even created secret bases in Neuschwabenland, Antarctica. Journey to Antarctica: How We’ll See Deep Beneath the Ice An autonomous research vessel called the Hugin will burrow to depths that human scientists cannnot The discovery of carbon-rich spheres and tunnels in a meteorite from Mars may mean that the Red Planet was once filled with life which was found in Antarctica in 2000 and identified as A trip to Vietnam would not be complete without visiting historical sites which reflect a dark side of the country heavily affected by war for centuries. The strongest winds on Antarctica, called katabatic, can reach speeds of up to 320km/hr. rollex11. I lasted about 35 minutes! The Transantarctic Mountains (abbreviated TAM) comprise a mountain range of uplifted sedimentary rock in Antarctica which extend, with some interruptions, across the continent from Cape Adare in northern Victoria Land to Coats Land. A research expedition discovered a virus in Antarctica; at that, neither people nor animals had immunity to the virus. 8 Jun 2008 Long before the age of the dinosaurs, something was constructing tunnels in Antarctica. Scott Base, New Zealand's only Antarctic research station, perches on a low volcanic headland called Pram Point at the southern end of Ross Island. Red Savannah partnered with White Desert, who created the home base for the trip: Whichaway Camp. org. Comprising three miles of tunnels and sky bridges, the Dallas Pedestrian Network was the brainchild of urban planner Vincent Ponte. Providing exclusive original content and interviews with some of the best known voices in the world of economics and precious metals. Back Antarctica Danube River as he witnesses the 104-foot rock carving of the face of Decebalus in Romania and explores the network of tunnels in Find facts, photos, information and history, travel videos, flags, and maps of countries and cities of the world from National Geographic. For years, scientists have been exploring ways to save the vast sheets of ice covering Greenland and Antarctica, which as the climate warms are melting and falling into the ocean. Ft. Males die after mating, while females begin excavating new tunnels or expanding tunnels from previous years. Around Mount Erebus, an active volcano on Ross Island in V - AN UNDERGROUND BASE IN THE ANTARCTICA. A vast network of underground chambers and water tunnels have been discovered beneath several of the world's most well-known pyramids, including the Giza Plateau. Please try again later. uk TV Channel Russia and the Broadcaster Gold Media Present: These unidentified flying objects, donʼt only exist in the form of a glowing ball of some vague nature, but rather, One of the most interesting questions that many people have pondered over the centuries is whether our planet is at least partially hollow and inhabited. It is legendary for its network of tunnels, which extend over 220km, and is a popular destination for both Vietnamese and foreign visitors. Braving winter temperatures of over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit below zero, a few thousand people live there at any given time. 1948: The tunnels are reopened after the Tunnel Bear is discovered to be a sleepwalking President Larry Gould dressed in a fur coat from his Antarctica expedition. stephenseni) and Heard Island (L. The Longest Tunnels in the United States ‘Secret underground tunnels’ discovered below water connects Antarctica to AUSTRALIA. Passageways seemingly almost run the entire length of the continent and also seem to converge exactly with what the Nazi maps describe as the opening to Hollow Earth. With that, I quickly grabbed Gordon from the hall and the five of us talked and walked in the dark tunnels about three hours. S. 2 million pounds of scientific equipment completed a two-week trek  Luxury trips to Antarctica Camps with Jacada Travel. By James Robert | nexusmagazine. " His words: “We are all in danger. The continent is rapidly melting, and a large chunk of the snow and ice is held back from the ocean  24 Aug 2014 Scientists from a number of British universities detected the 820-foot-high tunnels when they flew a plane over the Flichner-Ronne Ice Shelf in  24 May 2018 Scientists have discovered three vast canyons in one of the last places to be explored on Earth - under the ice at the South Pole. But the conversion of energy to get the world citizenry interested in becoming the fuel to reverse tunnel the corporate world of work toward keeping home for barge large w feet to go viral isn't expressing itself. Map from 1966 showing Antarctica without its ice cover. Researchers from a number of UK universities and the British Antarctic Survey – a research centre based on the continent – detected the tunnels when they flew a plane over the Filchner-Ronne… and the Bucegi Mountains in Romania. Ultimately, it ended when a military assault was initiated via the exit tunnels and they executed anybody on their list, human or reptilian. (Previously, the tunneling machine had been developed and tested at Pole over several seasons beginning in 1995-96eventually resulting in a proof-of-concept gravity sewer tunnel for the domed station--this effort is described here, with more photos and Unveiling the Mysteries of Antarctica and Exposing the Cover-up at the surface that some say lead to underground tunnels and subglacial rivers flowing in an Guest List in Antarctica. Tweet Share Russian interest in Antarctica, particularly Lake Vostok, where heightened after World War II when in 1947 American Admiral Richard E. government is working with the remnants of Hitler’s Nazi regime in an underground Antarctic base, where the two powers have spent the years from 1947 to today tunneling from Antarctica to Patagonia to link up with the (imaginary) network of tunnels under South America built by the Nephilim with “technology Popular Science reports that scientists from UK universities and the British Antarctic Survey have found enormous tunnels beneath the ice cap of Antarctica. such gentle treks, exploring ice caves and tunnels, getting up close to Adelie penguins or even Emperor  tunnels along the bed, and of horizontal circular holes cut in the walls of the tunnels, in the Meserve Glacier, Antarctica, in which the ice is at about. Byrd allegedly wrote his encounter with a lost civilization in Antarctica. 9 Feb 2019 NASA's interest in a series of underground tunnels below Antarctica is more than just a means to put astronauts through testing conditions,  Discover South Pole Ice Tunnels in Antarctica: These passages carved from the Antarctic ice hold strange shrines to the harsh southernmost climes. They have been moving personal effects and supplies to Antarctica via deep underground tunnels stretching across Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Tsoukalos says there’s a lot of ice there. In 1995, an enormous iceberg, over 80 kilometers (50 miles) long and 40 kilometers (25 miles) wide, broke away from the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Ice under pressure flows slowly, like a liquid. Check out our range of interesting tunnel facts. An ambitious project, it involved adding larger rooms and antechambers. Natural Caves There are a number of natural caves in Antarctica. Antarctica is home to more than 100 volcanoes, each of which may host its own network of ice caves and tunnels. C. Photo: Neil Ross. The mysterious tunnels are nearly as high as the Eiffel tower. Travel to Antarctica might be more varied than you think. AN UNDERGROUND BASE IN THE ANTARCTICA. from Florida Maquis: SGT Report is the corporate propaganda antidote. The project, by Edinburgh University Beneath this bustling city of Paris, lies a dark subterranean world holding the remains of 6 million of its former inhabitants. 12/28/2006. TEXAS 94. Tunnels are underground passageways dug through an enclosed area like Many of these ancient legends tell of a great catastrophe that occurred in ancient times. One of the things you don't always think about is how we get water and get rid of waste water. 15 Sep 2014 Scientists have discovered tunnels beneath thick ice layers in Antarctica, which are comparable in height to the Eiffel Tower. The couple will either dig out a new den, or move into a pre-existing one. Tough to spot. We have developed extraordinary adventures that tackle Antarctica by land, flying to the You can go on gentle treks to a series of ice tunnels or venture further  2 Jun 2016 clay layer (gray) in the Geulhemmergroeve tunnels in the Netherlands. 10. com Please contact us by phone at +44 845 0739 607 or email at cs@compelo. Scientists Find Evidence For Life In Warm Steamy Caves Beneath Antarctica's Ice. It is evil itself. Byrd commentLeave a Comment on Antarctica’s Underground Post navigation “The tunnels found behind the stone slab doors would test the ingenuity of today’s largest and best equipped contractors. To build a military base underground is one thing. Parallelly, while the Germanic cientists improved VRIL, the HAUNEBU,and the RFZ , other " strangers " events had, they were happened quickly, starting from 1938. Massive amounts of toxic water from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Japan has to be dumped into the Pacific Ocean because the facility is running out of space, the country's The 2016 Freedive Antarctica expedition was almost two years in the planning. and connects with many other sites. This intrigues me for the obvious reason that it appears to confirm in some respects those persistent stories about Nazi bases in Antarctica that have been around since the Nazi Neuschwabenland expedition to the continent in late 1938 and early 1939. Transantarctic Mountains, mountain system subdividing the Antarctic continent into an eastern (East Antarctica) and a western (West Antarctica) region. Radar readings from aircraft indicate that these tunnels are up to 820 feet tall. Google Earth has apparently been the tool responsible for the discovery of two “secret” underground facilities in Antarctica. Some scientists simply assumed that under that cold mass there was  The documented discovery of Antarctica is somewhat ambiguous as far as Ancient ruins found in Antarctica Underground Tunnels and Military Bases. Most of them involve some kind of conspiracy, like the lizard people that he says run the government from secret bases underneath Antarctica. reflect on the quantity of sugary treats the modern Antarctic explorer consumes? 31 Aug 2016 This remote "glamping" site in Antarctica features a series of igloo-like South Pole, visiting a penguin colony and trekking through ice tunnels. A vactrain (or vacuum tube train) is a proposed design for very-high-speed rail transportation. , Britain and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica called “Operation Highjump” but who were reported to have encountered heavy resistance from Nazi “flying Stretching for 137,000 meters, the Delaware Aqueduct is the longest tunnel in the world. Warm Antarctic caves harbour secret life High Strangeness in Antarctica Tunnels as tall as the Eiffel Tower discovered me for the obvious reason that it appears to confirm in some respects those persistent stories about Nazi bases in Tunnels as tall as the Eiffel Tower discovered under Antarctic ice sheets. In March 2000, the largest well-documented iceberg in human history calved from the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica. A tunnel tent with a large abside work best for Antarctica, but  9 May 2017 These tunnels have a typical diameter of several meters to tens of meters, and they smaller in size than those now discovered in Antarctica. The governor of Kentucky commissioned her as a ‘Kentucky Colonel” for her work on the ancient sites of Kentucky. These stones have been mortised and grooved to fit together. And because, like most people, they have spiritual needs, there are a number of chapels at various government bases. While those on cruise ships might only get to scoot along the northernmost tip of the continent, this itinerary includes a visit to an Emperor Penguin colony, exploring ice tunnels, and spending a night in the South Pole. Watch a short video that traces the history of the tunnels, their origins, construction and design. food, and the construction of elaborate underground tunnel and transport systems. From there, you can’t see anything! But it is beneath this deep ice shelf in Antarctica that scientists have discovered 820-foot-high channels. The world is full of mystery, and strange stories – recently a number of odd stories about unexplained tunnels have been hitting the headlines. Here's the crux of the story: Researchers from a number of UK universities and the British Antarctic Survey - a research centre based on the continent - detected the tunnels when they flew a plane over the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf in West Antarctica. In the middle, the tunnels are quite dark, and some people might find it a little un-nerving. Americans shelled the area of incessant manner, making a very inhospitable place that the only alternative was to live under the ground (Địa đạo Củ Chi) Saigon. As you can see from diagram above, that’s almost as tall as Mysterious Antarctica. It was July 21, 1983, when folks woke up to a frosty -89. We now want to look at how life in Antarctica bounced back after the  21 Feb 2017 New Berchtesgaden was said to be a Nazi base in Antarctica, established Nazi surveyors discovered a vast network of underground tunnels  30 Dec 2015 Nonetheless, in some ice nearby, people dug out a system of tunnels, and built a Catholic chapel inside. UNDERGROUND TUNNELS AND ENTRANCES KENTUCKY PIKEVILLE - Strange disappearances in the Truck Coal Mine 3 miles east of town. The tunnels which lie 32 metres below the ice, hold a fuel flubber which contains 20,000 litres of Avtur fuel for the base, but more impressively, the most amazing winter, wonderland ice crystals, which live and grow down here. The Blood Falls in Antarctica. According to Hollow Earth theorists, Byrd met ancient race underground in the… Here at the South Pole, all of our electrical wiring and water pipes are housed below the surface, in "ice tunnels". When We first built it, it looked very much like us. Antarctica is losing ice as illustrated below in the ice mass chart from the GRACE satellite. The tunnel walls are slowly moving in and collapsing. Digging for the Secrets Beneath Antarctica Scientists have found life in the depths beneath the ice. Warm water channel found under one of Antarctica's largest glaciers The movement of warm ocean water underneath the Totten glacier in Antarctica could account for its rapid shrinking Two Hour Wargames has partnered with Acheson Creations to bring you 5150: Bugs – Into the Tunnels, the first of our three 5150 Kickstarters. Antarctica, however, is entirely surrounded by ocean, so moisture is more readily available. 10 Dec 2018 Nonetheless, direct access to glacier beds has been achieved in rare instances7, 8, by accessing natural or artificial tunnels, which allow the  Kruger National Park, Cape Town & Antarctica . Different species of Limnoria are the primary space providers at Macquarie Island (L. Chaudhry/AP) a NASA researcher argued that vast tunnels lie beneath the lunar surface. By Eli Kintisch Jul. Categories. This claim most famously appeared in Erich von Däniken’s The Gold of the Gods, where the author claimed to have visited these tunnels Underground Worlds: A Guide to Spectacular Subterranean Places covers a vast timeline of subterranean dwellings, beginning with a section on the Ngwenya mine in Swaziland, which dates back to 43,000 BCE, as well as including a multitude of more modern sites such as various subway systems and the G-Can Tunnels in Tokyo. A team of British scientists has discovered tunnels that are almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower under an ice shelf in Antarctica. Subterranean construction is a known quantity. Tunnels, on the other hand, were used to surreptitiously place explosives beneath unsuspecting enemy soldiers and move supplies between different parts of a battleground. On this half-day tour, you'll experience a local perspective on wartime memories and see the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels. Brent Swancer July 8, 2015. She constructs brood cells for her offspring, provisions them with food, and then lays an egg in each In Antarctica, scientists help the film crew track an orca pod for weeks, and a crewmember has an encounter with a curious gray wolf in the Arctic. A new NASA study adds evidence that a geothermal heat source called a mantle  22 Aug 2014 Antarctic tunnels: 820-foot-high channels have been discovered under Antarctic ice. The NTIS operates under the Department of Transportation. this is the kind of place where you know from the outset that it is very different from anything else that you have seen. The deep  13 Feb 2019 Scary creatures, huge tunnels, “pyramids” – Antarctica is one weird continent. Filed under Conspiracy Theories, History & Pseudohistory. Two boys seen entering the mine disappear even though their lamp is found abandoned at the entrance. Located in New Mexico’s Jemez Mountains, in Sandoval County, in USA, the Gilman Tunnels blasted out of the rock in the 1920’s, were originally used for a logging railroad and are quite high. Inside the secret Nazi WW2 tunnels hidden deep beneath the Dutch countryside where 900 military buildings once stood and which 135,000 people called home. In the process, the holdfast becomes riddled with tunnels and chambers which are used as living space by other small invertebrates. Snaking under the warm and inviting Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station lies a labrynth of subterranian ice tunnels - carved out of the Antarctic Polar Ice Cap, housing the stations utility and supply lines, and frozen at a constant -60 degrees F. After all, Antarctica is far away, for this very reason the virus cannot be dangerous for the rest of the planet, especially since the dangerous discovery was deep in the permafrost. It is still apparently used by scientists  The caves of Mount Erebus, Antarctica's only active volcano, hide fragile and sparkling secrets: spectacular ice stalagmites, stalactites, shards, and. Australian scientists investigating ice caves under Antarctica's glaciers say they are so warm they could support animals and plants. antarctica tunnels

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