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    Intake duration at . looking for good low end torque, a max rpm of 5,000. 491 509 107 117 2800-5000 fair 2205 b, n parts list for 400 hp 351w block, crank, pistons and rods 1969 351 windsor block 4. Pick the cam that fits your application, add a set of COMP Cam hydraulic lifters and you will be the talk of the town. 56 gears, 38x15. Previous Part #510C1LUN. Hydraulic Roller Cam. Includes thrust plate M-6269-A302 and 1 inch camshaft dowel pin. The 94 and newer I believe have taller lifter bores for using a roller cam, I really have no clue on how that works, I just use the link bar roller lifters from comp so I don't have to pay more for no reason when someone thinks they have something special trying to sell a 94+ block. note: the above cams can be used in the 351w & 302 high output engines by rewiring the distributor to firing order 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8. Available. † Dyno-proven to add up to 25 HP over stock rockers! † Needle-Bearing Fulcrum reduces operating friction, lowers oil temp, improves off-idle response. Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Ford 351W JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. ford 351 windsor reco alloy headed roller cam engine # reco-351w-roller-a-c. stroker engine, custom street roller cam with . I have #s matching stock engine with scorpion roller rockers and full length headers. engine is worth that. Make it easy to build your small block ford stroker engines using our ford stroker engine building videos. The hydraulic-roller motor made life easy for us, since all we had to do was replace a quickie ball-hone and minor surfacing to ensure good head sealing. Part # ERSE212991. Jay Allen is a seriously smart guy when it comes to cams and the quality of service is top notch. My 351w is a 1974 with stock heads and pistons. A 90 roller block with a set of E7 heads( ported right) and a B- cam will bring a smile to face and shred the hell out of some tires. This unique lifter construction for a drop in hydraulic roller lifter is an exclusive from Ford Performance and fits any small block Ford roller cam application. The crank sprocket has 2 degree increments for timing adjustment of up to 8 degrees retarded, 8 degrees advanced, or straight-up (no advance or retard). 050, LSA 112) Edelbrock performer Intake Introduced with the 221 in 1962 for the Fairlane, this small block is Ford's first modern lightweight engine. 8 blocks were equipped to have a roller cam, although I was planning on getting a Weiand Stealth Intake manifold for my 351W, i want street and strip performance and a nice "sounding" cam, with a little lumpy lump to it, haha. Tappet, lifter, flat tappet, flat lifter, hydraulic tappet, hydraulic lifter, solid tappet, solid lifter, mechanical lifter, roller lifter. We have rebuilt tons of customer engines over the years that were all wrong and had parts that didn’t work together. Check out all the great parts that go into this 351w based 427CI stroker engine package. Also fits 1994-97 351W with factory roller cam when used with mass air EFI. Best Best Cam heads for 351W Ford Reviews: 1. Roller Cams at Competition Products! Howards, Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, Ford SB 221-302, 351W, Howards, Hydraulic Roller Cam, Ford 351W, Small Base, Custom Starting with a bone-stock 351W truck engine, we bored the block 0. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Roller Lifters. It came with a roller cam and a one-piece rear main seal from the factory. Cam sprocket is made from cast iron. 8l Vin H 8th Digit 8-351w Fits 88-93 Bronco 838708 $675. 510/. Order a Edelbrock RPM Power Package Top End Engine Kit with 351C Heads for your Mustang with a 351W Engine from CJ Pony Parts! You won't find a better option than this kit that will conveniently increase your Mustang's performance without any guesswork. The only sure fix is to change to a roller. The third option was Cam Research Corp. Our 351W crate engine for sale utilizes aftermarket high performance cylinder heads and has a mild cam to give your old 351W new life. Buy 260 351w on eBay now! Gs - - $399. Bolt on HP from a roller 351w with heads and a cam I've spent some time on the ford forums but it's just not the same as pirate tech. Freshly rebuilt 351w roller motor and a C6 trans, both with 0 miles. Stall speed converter required. Ed had very clear communication and delivered! Plain and simple, the best. Excellent cam for bracket racing applications in lightweight cars with larger cubic inch motors. Disclaimers i have a std. The Steel gear is compatible with the factory roller and several aftermarket roller cams for Ford 5. Auto Truck Part Online Catalog Ford 5. All Listings . 49 Magnum 230/230 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Ford 351W JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Presenting 351w Roller available to buy here! With cam end play confirmed, the cam was degreed using a set of rockers, a cam lobe lift gauge and a Comp degree wheel. We’re building a budget 351W stroker because its mission will be towing and hauling in a Ford E-150 van. 395" exhaust. 3,089. The track is 3/8 mile banked oval. o. Stock 5. 8L) cubic inch engines. no less, don't ask. To switch, you'll need all the roller-cam specific hardware: the spider, the roller tappets, the cam itself, the double-roller chain, the pushrods, etc. FTI Custom Hydraulic Roller Camshaft Kit - (Ford Windsor) All our custom designed, hydraulic roller camshaft profiles and the matching valvetrain components for the small block Ford engines are developed per each customer's application and goals. PowerMax Hydraulic Flat 216/216 Cam and Lifter Kit for Ford 351W, 5. 9. 487 . The motor has been completely magna-fluxed throughout (stock cam, polished and resurfaced) and the trans has had everything rebuilt or replaced. ** considerable block work, CNC ported heads along with stud relocation, ported intake and 1,350 cfm Dominator carb necessary for this power number. This popular 5. 6 true roller rocker adjustable rocker arms Lunati voodoo cam (0. Fits 1985 and later 302 roller cam blocks; Will also fit 1963 – 1984 non-roller cam 289-302 blocks when used with hydraulic roller lifters M-6500-T58 Re: Need Cam help for 351w stroker with N351 heads I've bought from Camshaft Innovations in Michigan. See our Ford Camshaft. For Ford SBF Small Block 302 221-400 351C 351W Roller Lifter Details. The 4713 Mechanical Roller Lifters are designed specifically for the Ford Windsor engines. cam bolt and washer. I bought a FTI custom hydraulic roller cam for my 408w. None of the 351w's came with a roller cam. Molly rings. You should buy Comp Cams Sbf 351w Solid Roller Cam 298dr 6 35 780 9 Discount. I just got this engine out of a '94 E250 van. Steel gear for factory roller cam, no module included Telling one from the other visually is relatively easy. 548 120 115 800-5500 smooth 2148 a Price Highest Best Match Ending Soonest Price Highest Newly Listed Price Lowest. Compare. ROLLER CAM. COMP Cams® Ford 351W Magnum Hydraulic Roller Cam & Lifters COMP Cams® Performance Camshafts Camshafts are what COMP Cams® is all about. Pictured above are our sbc lifters. The HO engine that had a different firing order was the 302, they went to the 351 firing order. View Details. I got 351w roller cam block standard bore clean. 621/0. 0's the firing order changes to a 351W and the balance is no longer 28 oz. Interestingly, 221 cubic inches was also the displacement of the very first Ford Flathead V-8, built in 1932. in. 4 speed, 205/70/15 tires. Replacement Engines - Get Replacement Engines and Engine Parts Here. 551 . 351w hydraulic roller cam. Must be used with a break-in oil additive (sold separately). O. Put in a cam, lifters, pushrods and guides, roller rockers, etc. It did not match up well with my gearing (3 speed) and so I went down 1 size in the new cam shaft. Price Highest Best Match Ending Soonest Price Highest Newly Listed Price Lowest. 0 and 5. DIPSTICK IN BLOCK. & 351w V8 at the best online prices at eBay! 3 piece steel double roller style timing chain hydraulic steel roller megatorque camshaft. 7-1 rocker ratio mc315271 hyd 2 204 218 - - . While the R302H was developed specifically for racing conditions, it's the right choice when assembling a high performance small block that uses a hydraulic roller camshaft. including best of show. Lack of information on Ford 351 engine differences. It has a . VIN H. I have a 1984 351w motor that i am going to put in my 1986 Mustang Gt but i want to do some stuff to it first but need some help. 10. 450" lift and below Requirements- For best performance, measure valve spring height during THE RV CAM Over 80% of the camshafts now sold in the high performance aftermarket are for late model, low compression engines. 8L/351 Ford small block Windsor COMP Cams Camshafts and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Ford, 351W, Each Hydraulic Roller So, when you decide to buy a cam head, make sure you have the Windsor and not the Cleveland model, or you are just wasting your money and time. It's casting number starts F0AE. Drag Solid Roller Cam - Ford 351W 302HO 318/325 #40350931. , but were MPFI and had about the same HP as the H. Each kit includes: camshaft, hydraulic roller lifters, lifter guides, pushrods, and hold-down spider (1987-Later applications only). Stock HO cams are very inexpensive so converting the non HO to an HO is simply a cam change. Ive got an 89 bronco with a 351w efi. Cars & Trucks Motorcycles Other Vehicles Sort: Best Match Ending Newest Most Bids. I already have longtube headers, aluminum dual-plane intake, 650cfm holley 4-barrel, true timed double roller timing set. I said I have a boat and need a new cam can they help, the guy said, let me guess, 351W? Spooky right? Well as it turns out Cam Research only works with ford stuff so it was more default guess than anything else. Be sure to check out all of our products from COMP Cams including COMP Cams Roller Cams - SB Ford . ford small block 351w 4340 "forged" rotating assemblies. 351W roller block swap, ON3 turbo running roughly 11 psi on 93, TH400 with a transbrake that I haven’t used, TFS 1 cam, car currently has ford one distributor and MSD 6. Thumpr Camshafts are a new series of retro-fit hydraulic roller and hydraulic flat tappet cams designed for use in a variety of small and big block V8s. 0L Mustang will be fully optimized for powerful performance with a lumpy idle for manual transmission engines only. FACTS: What you need to know/consider when you swap a 351W into a Fox3 platform chassis: The 351 block is very similar to the 302. com. I have a 1995 F-150 XLT supercab 4x4 with a 351-w and auto tranny. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Lunati 20350711 Voodoo Hydraulic Roller Cam Suits Ford 302 H. 030"hastings moly ringsmachine work - balance assy, flycut pistons heads edelbrock #6025 1. The Melling cam gear was test-installed, along with an OE-style fuel pump eccentric and an ARP 3/8-in. Its a low buck class. This Ford 351W crate engine is ideal if you are looking for a mild upgrade from a stock 351W Ford engine. CHP 408w Stroker Ford AFR 205cnc Cylinder Head - Cam/Intake Dyno 351w Howard's big mama rattler cam after Check out how we push a junkyard 351 Windsor past 1,000 hp and to the brink of destruction by adding heads, a cam, and intake to a stock 351W short-block. 5 compression hardened pushrods Retro Sound Radio with USB and Bluetooth SVO 1. Fits:289/302/351W; Full roller chain with 9-position multi-index crank sprocket. No repackaged catalog camshafts or inferior valvetrain peripherals like our competition use. All stock iron manifolds, 2bbl unmodified carb with 1. Crower leads the market by making high quality products at affordable price. with regard to bargains together with ought to acquire COMP Cams 35-771-8 Xtreme XR280R-10 Roller Cam for Ford 351W Engines. Every aspect of the FTI performance is better than the off of the shelf cam . 444"/0. Rebuild on your core short block Your block fully machined Your rods reconned with arp rod bolts New pistons and rings Your crank turned Blueprinted assembled Clevor Engine: Mating 351 Cleveland Heads To 289/302/352W Blocks are the 351W versions with a nice port The larger ports work best at high rpm because that roller cam for engines originally equipped with roller cam torque cam mc22128 hyd 2 210 214 273 277 . 560-inch solid roller valve springs, 10-degree recessed locks, and retainers. 150. The Ford Small Block is a series of automobile V8 engines built by the Ford Motor Company Steel roller cam & lifters ('85-'01 302, '94-'97 351W) . Building a racing quality Ford engine means getting the best possible components for the Windsor blocks, and Morel delivers valve lifters that can be depended on in every situation. exactly what kind is best for your performance melling cam shaft 214/224 . Does anybody know how to tell??? The number on my distributor is F4TE-12127-AA. all 351w's are Without it my cam will get destroyed or it won't affect it. Olive Branch, MS. 544 Hydraulic Roller For 351w Sbf. Manual  I believe they changed to roller cams in 94 , is any year better than the others or are these motors not worth the trouble and should I just stick  The best 351W head castings are C9OE-B, C9OE-D, D0OE-C, D0OE-G, . Ford 351W . Bullet Racing Cams, LLC and Ultradyne shall repair or replace the cam for a "core charge" and shall return it to purchaser Freight collect. 21 Jul 2011 1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - 351w 4x4 guys what aftermarket cams you running? already has 1. Or if you got an F4 ( 1994) block, you can swap it to Hydraulic roller set-up and use and some other info. Shop with confidence. 351w Power kits We have taken the guess work out of getting the most bang for your $$. Example: CompCams has a High Energy cam for Ford 221-302 (will work in 351w also but check firing order. The cam has long been revered as the "brain" of the engine, opening and closing the valves at the exact precise instant, coordinating the timing of each event to the exact location of the crankshaft and piston. com Engine Parts, Auto Parts, Motorsports, Racing, High Performance, Engine Hardware, Drag Racing, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mustang, General Motors, Chevrolet, Chevy, Camaro, Corvette, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Mopar, Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, AMC/JEEP, Cam Bolts w/Thick Washer, Cam Dowel Pins, Camshaft Rear Plugs, Crankshaft Woodruff Keys, Cylinder Head BlueRacer Extruded Aluminum, Full-Roller Rockers † CNC-machined, extruded billet aluminum main bodies for strength and deflection resistance. L&R Roller Cam Pair Call for price! If you need a custom ground camshaft, if you do not see what your looking for, or if you have any questions, give us a call at 330-634-2155 or send us an email at sales@totalengineairflow. AmericanMuscle no longer carries the Ford Performance 1. The next was the 429 Big Block. 72 Roller Rockers, 2º cam advance w/ Cloyes Street True Roller timing set Product Description Ford Performance B Cam This Ford Performance B303 hydraulic roller camshaft, also known as an B cam, is a great way to add horsepower to your 5. † Roller Tip reduces valve guide wear. 20 Nov 2014 Starting with a bone-stock 351W truck engine, we bored the block That combination was good for 391 hp at 5,900 rpm and 405 lb-ft at 4,300 rpm. A Small Base Circle Cam is not needed in these blocks. 00 additional. Building a 351w with paxton supercharger blow-thru (8 psi) for my scarab boat. Our solid flat tappet cams offer superior performance and the very best value. Xtreme Energy 254/260 Solid Roller Cam and Lifter Kit for Ford 351W JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Best 351W production heads ? A bud of mine is building a 408W with some AFR heads and a snotty roller cam. 351w F4TE roller cam block I was thinking 408 eagle forged crank and forged flat pistons 30 over?,H beam rods,comp cam 3,500-7,500rpm range,victor Jr intake,750 DP chokeless carb,harland sharp roller rockers 1. 351c short blocks . Our site promotes a very large assortment of items at reasonable sticker prices. 266 at . 0 and 351w stroker engine builds also available please call for complete details on these engines Identifying Distributors On Ford 351 Engines Ford vehicles with Windsor/Cleveland 351 (5. Ford 351W — 321 to 325 HP $2895 (Great vacuum, great low end mid range and mileage. 38654 ph. ford 351 windsor engine small-block 351 3. 8 liter engines. 0L HO cam (8) Good torque and power up to 6200 RPM. Shop Aluminum and Steel Rock Arms at Jegs. I was initially looking for a replacement for what I have but got side tracked not knowing I could get an exact spec replacement roller cam. While most 351w's produced were in fact flat tappet motors, there are many factory roller cam ford 351w engines out there, in fact it is my understanding that most if not all 351w's that came in the lightning pickups (93-96) would have a roller setup from the factory. A flat tappet cam will be much more pointed, similar to the small end of an egg. 99. Only at www. You can always be assured of receiving the finest quality components in any Hydraulic Roller Cam Kit from Isky. Product Description: Camshaft, Xtreme Energy, Mechanical Roller, Lift 0. This will be going in a 1967 cougar, That will be driven on the street alot and track . 020-inch over, fitted KB flat-top pistons to the stock crank and rods, installed a Crane hydraulic roller cam, and reassembled The cam we selected was a roller-conversion grind from Comp Cams, PN 35-442-8. This gear is included with part number 38820 (302 w/ factory roller cam). of torque when used with #2181 intake and stock iron cylinder heads on a 351W engine. This Mustang E Cam, M-6250-E303, offers good idle quality and  Trick Flow Specialties Stage 3 Track Max Hydraulic Roller Camshaft for 302/ 351w Ford Rough idle, strong top-end power Basic Operating RPM Range  3 Jun 2014 by adding heads, a cam, and intake to a stock 351W short-block. Interchanging or installing parts for the wrong engine. One of the best Old School sounds!) THIS IS A LIMITED TIME SALE PRICING We are the FORD CAMSHAFT experts. Do you want to spend big bucks on a hydraulic roller cam setup or low bucks on the COMP Cams 35-771-8 Xtreme XR280R-10 Roller Cam for Ford 351W. Herbert Pro Series roller lifters by Morel. I am trying to understand cam specs so i can choose an upgrade for my 69 mach. 9:40. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance. Find your heads roller cam now! Highlighting a comprehensive catalog of heads roller cam available on sale this week. i have just installed a 302 roller engine in my 95 f150. The stage 1 TFS cam is not agressive enough for the heads anyways. Big Al’s Exclusive One Year Warranty All our turn/key engines have Al's exclusive One Year Warranty. Find msd distributor ford now. best paint I was wondering what the best year was for hp and torque in the 351W. 84-87 351W H. 608/0. 90/1. Solid roller, rough idle. 050, 550/550, 110LC, 1500-6400 33903. I don't intend to race it but I do want to play with it on the weekends on the back roads. The Ford Small Block is a series of automobile V8 engines built by the Ford Motor Company beginning in July 1961. which is the best efficiency number in the segment. Also have a good cam and roller lifters for a 1995 351W. The roller cam will have much more rounded lobes, like the big end of an egg. It is refunded upon return of the old engine at our expense. Al is the only one that will Best Answer: Not without removing the intake manifold. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers The quick opening cam has 9 degrees more duration at 0. These complete cam kits feature an Edelbrock Rollin' Thunder Hydraulic Roller Camshaft and Edelbrock Hydraulic Roller Lifters and Pushrods that are dyno-matched for a trouble-free installation. Rods resized. Rollin’ Thunder camshafts match with Performer manifolds for vehicles operating from off-idle to 5500 rpm. looking at the isky ezx lifters installed in the bores with the cam, the oil band is at the bottom on the base and at the top on the nose, should flow oil. The engine had a lot of lifter noise and sounded like it might be a aggressive solid lifter cam. Specifically it is :Comp Cam XR270RF-HR10. Use stock 5. I'm running a 351w in a 3200 lb car. E212991 - Erson Cams - FORD V8 351W R-278-2. 16 Hydraulic The Standard Base Circle Cam can be used with 302 HO Roller Lifters. 1985 bronco with '95 351w roller Motor, e303 cam, JBA headers, true dual w/ X-pipe, full MSD ignition, edelbrock intake/carb, C6 trans, 4. The springs were replaced with 1. I'm looking to change out my distributor and need to know if it has a steel or iron gear on it, which is the difference between solid or rocker cam. I was under the impression that '94 and later 351W were roller cam engines, but I can't verify this one without voiding it warranty, can anyone point me in the direction of the correct casting number for a factory roller cam 351W? Find great deals on eBay for 351w roller cam and 351w hydraulic roller cam. 040 over Speed Pro H336CP pistons Complete rust free 68 Mustang, born as T-code and manual shifter. FORD 351W 94-97 COMP ENG F. That's a pretty sweeping statement that isn't completely correct. 08-inch/1. 0L Roller Cam specs Garage Talk: Engine & Drivetrain. Youtube video of our CJ6PJ Small Block Ford Hydraullic Roller Cam. 8L/351 Ford small block Windsor Camshaft Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Cam/Lifters/Timing, Hydraulic Roller Tappet Find FORD 5. 1982 and new is 50oz. Related Products 11/32" X . I have a 351w I am about to build once done with mustang mods. 0L/351W). The B303 fits all 1985 and later 302 roller cam blocks 1987 - 1996 F150 & Larger F-Series Trucks - 351w 4x4 guys what aftermarket cams you running? - i am going to be upgrading the engine a bit as it needs now pulled out. Best bet (if possible) would be to liberate as much as possible from a Mustang 5. The engine makes 400hp on 87 octane. 478 107 117 1500-4000 smooth 2148 b, n comment: good torque and mileage chevrolet - gm ls v8 gen iii & iv, 3 bolt, 1997 - present, 1. WHAT IS THE BEST 351 BLOCK TO USE? all 351w blocks were equipped with roller cams/lifters. 474/0. You will observe more info, assess costand also study examine client views before acquire COMP Cams 35-771-8 Xtreme XR280R-10 Roller Cam for Ford 351W Engines,COMP Cams,35-771-8. NOTES: (1) On EFI engines, performance camshafts work only with mass air induction systems. The 1987 and up 351W were not H. We have so much confidence in our quality that our warranty starts when the vehicle is ready for the road and not when you receive the engine. FORD 302 351w MELLING OEM HYDRAULIC ROLLER LIFTERS These are to be used with a hydraulic roller camshaft. By Mike Dailey. 351w based 461 cu. The best bet is to go with the valvespring Our 351 Windsor Long Block Crate Engine is on sale. If you are wanting to change the cam and nothing else I recommend you install one from a stock 69-71 351W. 444" lift. Cam Card - 91555010 (PDF) 351W Cam Application Chart (GIF) Ford Sbf V8 Stage 4 520520 Lift Retro-fit Hydraulic Roller Cam 302 351w Mc24305 drifts across the roadway in either a left or best instructions and after that The 351W, or "Windsor" engine, manufactured between 1969 and 2001, is a member of Ford's 90-degree eight-cylinder engine family. Buy a Set of Ford Performance High Performance Hydraulic Roller Lifters for your 289, 302 or 351W Small Block Engine from CJ Pony Parts today! These lifters are direct replacements for the OEM size small block hydraulic roller lifter applications. 7 roller rockers and the edlebrock truck efi intake, i also have fms HE KNOWS best when it comes to cams! There aren't any off the shelf roller cams worth a nickel for 351W truck engines. 0 engine - you'll spend a pretty penny at your friendly Best Sellers Gift Ideas New Releases Whole Foods Today's Deals AmazonBasics COMP Cams 35-425-8 Xtreme Energy 230/236 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Ford 351W. Engine 5. 0 badge on top. 800 rpm when cold or hot. He was going to use the D5 truck heads as they came on The 351w HO shared the same firing order as all of the other 351's. 60 thousand miles on it ran sweet super quiet to ticks or anything. Try corral. I just picked up and Edlebrock EFI Performer Intake (Off Craiglslist for about half price) and went ahead and got a BBK 61mm Throttle Body for it, and figured as long as im going to be removing the top end that id like to put a CAM in it since the timing cover is leaking a bit. , except for the Lightning motors that had a bit more. 0L / 351W 2000 to 6000 Howards Cams 222745-10 2002 Ford 221-302 / 5. This is one of the best for mild towing!) Ford 351W — 339 to 345HP $2995 (This one has great vacuum, great low end mid range and mileage. net, you may be able to get someone to give you one. No swirl numbers available. Mechanical Roller Big Bottle Cams - Nitrous Oxide Camshaft; 1963 - 2002 Ford 221-302 / 351W 4400 to 8400 Howards Cams 220793-12 the best mods are to replace your 2 barrel manifold for a 4 barrel, fit a 600 Vac secondary Holley, a mild cam, and extractors. my carb is 600cfm edelbrock. 50r How to Convert From Flat-Tappet to a Roller ChuPro23 42,908 views. Hey im chris. 8L ENGINES Find Replacement Car & Truck Parts For Sale. 90 valves, 1. (The 92 and later "roller" blocks will have a F4TE casted into the block near the starter) If using solid lifters (either flat tappet or roller) then a standard base circle cam can be used on any year 351w block. The links keep the lifters in the correct perpendicular orientation so the roller rolls with the camshaft (which is the function of the dogbones in a retrofit cam or standard roller block setup). doesnt see a ton of off road, but mostly trailer towing, 30 ft camper 6550 dry. i wired the 302 as a 302, and it really runs bad. They use a 351W firing order. Home of Racing's Best and Brightest. Must be used with an MSD 6, 7 or 8-series ignition. And no I do not want a Howards Ford 351W (Retro-Fit) Hyd. You will need to have a custom, small base circle cam made for you're application and purchase a roller cam conversion kit. (2) Also fits 1994-97 351W with factory roller cam when used with mass air EFI. I splurged for the cam conversion and installed the tie-bar style hydraulic roller lifters. 0 HO and SVO If a standard hydraulic roller cam is used (for example an original HO cam or an E-cam), links must be used. When I bought my Pantera in 1998 the engine had been rebuilt in 1991, but only had been run about 8000 miles. Works well with carburetors or mass air fuel injection. Ford 351W / 360-365HP: $4995 — 377-382 ft/lbs torque (This single patterned cam has very little vacuum, stall speed converter required. This cam provides a noticeable power improvement and lumpy idle while maintaining good driveability with a manual transmission. ATK HP11C Ford 351W Complete Engine 385HP, Call 866-721-2315 to Speak with an ATK Crate Engine Specialist. 00 for all. 0 roller cam, mild head upgrade, and a carb to throw in my truck for a while. EDELBROCK RPM FOR 351W S/B FORD (1969-95) POWER PACKAGE TOP END KIT- 443HP & 424  Good low end and mid range torque, good idle, daily usage, off road, fuel efficiency plus . 4x4 Lifted 351w Roller Cam 36'' Super Swampers 4speed Transmission Power Brakes 1965 Ford F-100 This Ford has won many awards. SBF 351W FIRING ORDER. We build up a Ford 351W small block with a factory EFI system. Not to be confused with Ford's 351 "Cleveland" engine, the 351W gets its name from Ford's Windsor, Canada, plant, where it was briefly manufactured. 030,reconned crank and rods,new pistons,rings,bearings,torque cam kit 5) 351w high performance engine-call for details! 6) 351c high performance engine-call for details! 5. Anyone ever use gt40p heads on a 351w? Was there any power gains? compression gains? I have some gt40p heads that I was going to enlarge the head bolt holes so they would fit a 351w. 520"-. The greatest limiting factor in a stock SBF are the cylinder heads. World’s top manufacturer of performance camshafts, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms and related valve train parts for all race and street performance engines 15 results for 351w hydraulic roller cam Save 351w hydraulic roller cam to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. 6 erson aluminum roller rockers arms with needle bearings with poly locks 7/16 chrome tall valve covers other cams available same price call 765-537-9900 Stock 351W - Ford D0OE * Flow data for this head from an external source. The Pantera Place "Your de Tomaso Connection" Replacing 351 Cleveland Hydraulic Lifters . com How to Get 450 Horsepower From a 351W by Don Kress The long-lived Ford "Windsor" engine, displacing 351 cubic inches, was available in performance applications such as the Ford Boss Mustang in 1971, and today is available in a crate-engine version which features up to 535 horsepower. A 351w firing order motor will not function right in a 302 firing order computer. 565", Valve Seals Viton Flex Body Type Universal $17. The specs I am seeing on a roller look different than what I got with the flat cam. Just wanted to know if anyone has a 351 with a sweet combo they can recommend. 6 roller rockers. This FTI cam beat my other popular off the shelf cam BY FAR. 5. I have some of the parts to convert it to a roller cam, but I'm not sure about the rockers and valvetrain. the short block has 190k on her. That enables the use of a standard base circle hydraulic roller cam instead of a small base circle retrofit hydraulic roller cam. It has to pull 15" of vacuum at. This increased breadth of the red curve above 0. The non HO roller cams are ground with the 302 firing order while the HO cams are 351W firing order. safety tips; CS3030 V8 289 302 351W Nitrited Crank and Cam Sprockets CS3031 V8 289 302 351W Torrington Nitrited Both Sprockets Includes Some Late Model EL’s & AU’s Brass Thrust Washer Must Be Fitted If your engine is fitted with this style of retainer plate you must only use Rollmaster P/N CS3000 Pre 1965 Red Label Set Looks Flat At Rear of Cam Sprocket. With a 1st place finish at the 2016 Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge, an NHRA World Championship, six national records, a PRI Best New Product award and several top-finishes at the Jegs Engine Masters Challenge to our credit, Ford Sbf V8 289 Stage 3 498498 Lift Retro-fit Roller Cam Camshaft 302 Mc24214 535 . Whats the best ford roller cam for a street 351w GT40 motor for about 5300 rpm? Tell me why and show me your combo/numbers. 534 See more like this FORD PERFORMANCE 302-351W ROLLER CAM LIFTER HOLD DOWN CONVERSION KIT M-6253-A50 Brand New How to Choose Heads for Your Small-Block Ford Rebuild-Covers 221, 260, 289, 302, Boss 302, 351W, 351C, 351M, and 400M Small Block Ford Engines. Ford 302 Roller Cam. Installing a roller cam isn't difficult, but it does require some specific parts depending upon the type of small-block you're working with. 0L 85-95 Mustang. roller camshafts for engines originally equipped with roller cams mc24226 hyd 3 212 222 289 300 . 25" venturi. Buy (This cam has a little less vacuum, but it's okay for power breaks, and it has the best Old School sound. They have hyd. I believe its the same cam as the explorers had. Pit Stop USA offers COMP Cams Ford 351W Xtreme Roller Cam XR280R-10 35-771-8 at low everyday prices. While these loads would spell death to a flat-tappet cam, the high ZDDP anti-wear package of a break-in oil also protects these components during that critical break-in period. These grinds are tried and tested! Cam can also be used in 289/302 engines if ignition firing order is changed to 351W: (1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8). What I am saying is that you need to run a readily available retrofit Hyd Roller cam (from comp) that DOES have a reduced base circle compared to the hyd roller cams designed for the newer "roller blocks". Clean super clean you have to see it . 351w Ford 300 Horsepower Performance Upgrade 5. The 351W and 302 HO use a different firing order than the standard 302. 500" stroke1992 truck rods, rworked, stdarp #150-6004 rod boltsclevite 77 main bearingsclevite 77 rod bearingstrw l-2446-f forged pistons +. 00 core charge that is due at the time of purchase also. 496 lobe 112 forged 1. Well, you got your wish with this build of a 550 hp 408ci small block Ford by Ford Performance Solutions featuring Edelbrock Victor Jr. One guy works on fox bodies on the side for a job. Please check out 1979-1993 Foxbody Mustang Cylinder Heads & Valvetrain Components for an updated selection. Needs 2500 RPM stall converter, headers, 9:1 compression ratio and 3. We offer a variety of Ford 302 Roller Cam for your automotive needs. simply Re: Which cam for this budget 351w build ? rmcomprandy on April 13th 2016, 11:46 pm Using a cam which is way to big for the heads, (that cam is not WAY to big), will simply take a lot of torque off the bottom of the RPM range without adding much Horsepower to the top of the range. . 472. This is what I can find so far: The 1988 through 1991 blocks were all roller blocks, fitted with a flat tappet cam with these specs : 185 degrees duration intake/193 degrees duration exhaust@. 0 out I have a 351-w in my 55 sunliner that the nimrod who built it put in a 302 cam and the motor does not run like it should so this winter I would like to put in a good torque cam that is correct for a 351-W,while its apart I might I also thinking about putting a better set of heads on it too. Fit 1994 - 2003 FORD POWERSTROKE OIL Cooler Gasket Rings Kit 1C3Z 6A642 AA. all 94+ 5. Edelbrock Rollin’ Thunder Camshaft # 2281 is designed for 351W Ford V8 engines and produce optimum torque from the low-end to the mid-range. For the best viewing experience please update your Hello, I have several items for sale. engine still in truck, runs decent, no engine noises, just runs kinda rough due to the old gas in the tank, will sell whats left for 500. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Ford 351W Pro-Street Roller Camshaft (290R) Ford Mechanical Roller Camshaft If you are uncertain as to which cam profile best suits your needs, please contact Elgin Perf Roller Cam E1018P for Ford 302 HO 1985-95 351W 1994-97 . 010/. thinking a performer rpm manifold. 050" and . This is Comp Cams Sbf 351w Solid Roller Cam 298dr 6 35 780 9 Best Buy I have actually owned and it was the most economical of them all. This is one of the best for mid to heavier SB Ford GT40 Drop In Valve Springs Kit, Hyd Roller w/ Stock Cam, . $294. 0 roller lifters, spider, dog bones, and a smaller base-circle cam, or On Late Model Small Block Chevy V-6 & V-8 and Ford 302-HO where the Engines are already equipped with hyd. Trick Flow Specialties Stage 3 Track Max Hydraulic Roller Camshaft for 302/351w Ford Rough idle, strong top-end power Basic Operating RPM Range - 3,200-6,800 RPM Aftermarket intake, heads, and head Remember when you start playing with 289/302 and then 5. I believe that F4TE was the last production casting for 351W blocks. Our 351W crate engine utilizes aftermarket high performance cylinder heads and has a mild cam to give your old 351W new life. Including Shim and Conversion Kits at Jegs. CJ6X 230/235 DUR@. (Cam has lots of vacuum for power brakes!) Ford 302 - Ask for turnkey price. View Cart | My Account. POWERHOUSE has thousands of stock and high performance parts for cars and trucks. Pit Stop USA offers COMP Cams Ford 351W Xtreme Roller Cam XR292R-10 35-773-8 at low everyday prices. Help please. Fox Body cams not only add performance, they give your Mustang an aggressive lope exhaust tone. Roller engines came in 85 1/2 to 95 Mustangs and LSC Lincoln Mark VII's. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page @customcrateengines. The Carbon Ultra-Poly Composite gear is available for the Chevrolet Street/Strip and Racing DUI as well as the Ford 302 and 351W DUI/Duraspark Crower's high performance aftermarket camshafts for international and domestic automobiles, diesels, boats, tractors, motorcycles, and trucks. Will not work with Explorer EEC-V EFI. 100. So that puts a standard cam kit of 400-500 bucks up around the 1000 dollar range for roller kit. Like all of our engines, they are build in house one at a time. 00. I will be going with a Comp Cams Magnum 270H, if you go to their website it has a virtual cam selector that lets you put things together to see what kind of performance you will get, of course the numbers are probably un real world conditions but at least its something you can compare changes on. Please contact me by phone or email Thank you, do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers I rebuilt my 351W two years ago. At least not yet unless I can find a short block but at the minute only a standard 351w long block is available. 050 is 218 and exhaust is 224. o BEST way is F4TE casting from 1994 and later F-Series Trucks and E-Series Vans • Other source say use a 96 for one piece rear seal and roller lifters - F4TE is a "truck" vs F4AE which is "automobile" This is important 'cause while ford put the 351w into full size passenger cars AND trucks, the cars didn't get the roller while the trucks did Clevor - 351W block, Cleveland heads. do i have to go back with a 351w camshaft? the engine i purchased is a 302 with a 302 camshaft. 94 engines were roller but I think they still had flat tappet cams. 55+ gearing. This product has a 410. 8 Crate Motor Replacement Engine. If you run an X303 or whatever cam in an older block, you will have top end oil problems and the lifters will probably rattle. www. 8 liter has one of the longest production runs of any Ford engine today lasting three decades, through the 70s, 80s and 90s. 614", Duration 280/286, 110 LSA, 2500-6500 RPM, Small Xtreme Energy 242/248 Hydraulic Roller Cam and Lifter Kit for Ford 351W JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Engine Differences: The most obvious external difference is the engine valve covers. 765 lift and . Although roller cams and rocker arms are expensive, they're worth every dime for   *This kit with hydraulic roller cams does not include lifters. Pair Auto Locking Hub Front for Ford Excursion F250 F350 F450 Excursion. 7 Mar 2019 Also fits 1994-95 351W with factory roller cam when used with mass air EFI. The cam with the red lift curve will produce a broader power band by improving the low end performance of the engine, with a slight increase in the high end performance. 7 The 351 was never offered with a roller cam and lifters so all of them have short lifter bores for flat tappet cams. This gives the cam an operating range of 1200-5500rpm. roller lifters and use standard pedestal mount rocker arms. best to get advice straight from the cam company other  Howards, Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, Ford SB 221-302, 351W, Howards, Hydraulic Roller Cam, Ford Fair idle, good low & mid range performance increase. Rebuild 351W bored 0. EDELBROCK SUPER VICTOR FORD 351W SINGLE PLANE INTAKE MANIFOLD # 2924 FORD 351W SUPER VICTOR (3500-8500 RPM)The Edelbrock Super Victor intake is arguably the most popular and flexible manifold in racing today. I've got the motor apart enough that I'm thinking of puting in a cam. Traditional high performance Thumpr 227/241 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Ford 351W JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. cam with far more torque and HP than stock. This Ford 351W engine for sale is ideal if you are looking for a mild upgrade from a stock 351W Ford engine. 470 lift, duration: 216/228 at 0. 8 351w Premium Long Block 1993-1995 Non-roller With Gt Heads Long 1993-1995 With 351w Ford I have a 1995 351w roller cam engine for sale. Brand new aluminum radiator rated for big blocks. hotrod. ford small block 4340 forged rotating assemblies. I've been thinking that it would be more economical to build a nice better than stock Windsor than buying a crate 347. Need gone 300 bucks text or call Andrew show contact info. I am unsure of the year that they started with the roller camshafts, but I am pretty sure it wasn't in '84. 00 Inch Browse a lot of 260 351w available for sale online. Custom or one of the aforementioned cams is the best way to go for your setup  5 Sep 2012 1987 - 1996 F150 - 96 351w mild engine build - Hey guys. Advance: 4; Application: 1969-1993 FORD 351W 5. the wiring diagram showed a firing order of a 351w camshaft. 60-inch valves, 1. What 351W is the best to make big HP????? for istance, I kno a guy who ran a 393 windsor with afr 205heads fully ported,custom big roller cam, with a ford racing I'll search for the article. The world's absolute lowest prices since 1985. I. One of the requests that we get over and over again is 'More Engine Builds'. Just wondering if anyone is running a roller cam setup in their Cleveland? I talked to the machine shop yesterday about my motor build and he is reconmending to run roller cam set up instead of the old school flat tappet. This 351w is roller ready. ** Custom Roller camshaft and valve train, (including girdle), at $ 649. 379" valve lift intake/. That means that almost all parts swap between a 302 and a 351. If you have 4v open chamber heads replace them with the closed chamber 302 Cleveland 2V heads (common in Australia). Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. Most of the guys there are building straight line motors and I'm assuming it doesn't carry over to well to a motor pushing a 5k barge around. Presenting 260 351w available to buy today online! 260 351w. As for identification, The HO 351w's had rollers cams, as did the HO 302's. Thanks for your help guys. i know too big of a cam can cause water reversion. com, the official website for Hot Rod Magazine. Good cam for replacing your factory H. 050 with 112 lobe separation, ♥ best of . Which roller 351W block do I look for? It's an F4TE, roller cam. To make a purchase claim, the cam must be returned within the one year period to Bullet Racing Cams at 8785 Old Craft Road, Olive Branch, MS 38654. 627", Duration 292/298, 110 LSA, 3200-7200 RPM, Small Focusing on msd distributor ford on sale online. We have product aspect Cams-35-771-8-Xtreme-XR280R-10-Engines. 6 Performance Roller Rockers - Pedestal Mount (302/5. Combustion ratio is 9. Ford 351w Windsor Hyd Roller 210cc Cylinder Head Top End Engine Combo Kit $923. 351W 351C 351M 400M (69-93). This unit will also work well with mass air fuel injection and carbs. Find FORD 5. 040 over and its also a hydraulic flat tappet, no roller. 7, c4 trans 4 TruckMax Hydraulic Roller 220/228 Camshaft for Ford 302/351W. 662-893-5670 Click appropriate option boxes and fill in text boxes where needed Fits 351W with steel gear for hydraulic roller cams. 5 to 1. roller cam that i would like to use in a pre '94 non roller 351w block. Edelbrock Part # 2182 Performer-Plus camshaft is designed for small-block Ford 351W V-8 applications. TruckMax Hydraulic Roller 220/228 Camshaft for Ford 302/ 351W. 010 3. Standard 351W + GT40 EFI + GT40 ignition + Standard 351 heads + GT40 cam + GT40 lifters = some power lost? Are the cam and lifters different in a GT40 than a standard 351w? It is a retro fit roller cam for 351W engines that originally had flat tappet cams. ) that is . Above is a hydraulic roller cam, the rounded lobes are readily appearant compared to the flat tappet cam to the right of it. The engine was discontinued in new trucks (F-Series) after 1996, and new SUVs (Explorer) after 2001, but remains available for purchase from Ford Racing and Performance Parts as a crate engine. Been looking but haven't been able to find out. Hi. Buy Competition Cams 8931-16 Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Lifters for Ford 289-302 Small Block and 351 Windsor Non-Roller Engines: Cam & Lifter Kits - Amazon. This includes: Heads, cam, lifters, timing chain, timing chain cover, water pump, engine mounts, and all sorts of other stuff. The only difference in the actual Ford roller lifter is that they have two ridges in the center of the body commonly seen on most Ford roller lifters. Was wondering if you guys knew if its possible for aluminum heads on an efi engine since every magazine ive looked at for parts says that aluminum heads arent an option for efi engines. 040 will also contribute to better performance. The Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Race 225 Cylinder Heads feature big 206cc intake ports and 61cc combustion chambers, and come assembled with 2. Rockers kept - Answered by a verified Classic Car Mechanic 4) 351w torque engine;bored . So a 94-96 vehicles will have the same casting. multi-port fuel injection which is identifiable by the large intake with the EFI 5. fully remanufactured 351 windsor roller cam long engine with new pistons, rings, bearings, camshaft, pushrods, roller lifters, reground crankshaft, cylinder heads fully remanufactured. Most people that think the 302 is a dog don't know that it has nearly the same HP as the 351W, and can be made to run better with slight or mild mods like for the 351W Ford Racing M-6500-R302H High Performance hydraulic roller lifters are recommended in factory roller cam blocks; Manual transmission or higher stall torque converter (3,000 RPM) recommended for automatic transmission; Fits 1985-2000 302, 1994-97 351W roller cam blocks, Ford Racing Boss 302 and Boss 351 race blocks. Hydraulic roller. Very powerful mid range performance with a small lope at idle. Stock 351W (C9, D0, D8, D9 castings) Cost per pair: Varies Material: Iron Bullet Cams--Cam Recommendation Form 8785 Old Craft Rd. Unfollow 351w hydraulic roller cam to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. but I believe in 96 they had roller cams installed as well. Cars (US) » 351w hydraulic roller cam. Another aspect of roller cam break-in to consider is the high spring pressures and contact loads the cam, lifters, pushrods, and rockers see. Its a 351W, bored . It should work with all you current "stock" components and still give you a little boost. December 18, 2001. 580" Lift to your wish list. (3) Stock 5. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers Click the button below to add the SB Ford GT40P Drop In Valve Springs Kit, Hyd Roller . vastly improved low to mid range power over factory cam new melling oil pump and screen edelbrock aluminum heads 60cc combustion chamber with bronze guides stainless steel swirl polished intake valves stainless steel swirl polished exhaust valves they are the same. i am doing gt40p heads, already has 1. this car is really just going to be a street machine for teasing the tuners and high school kids for now. 456 lift and 218/218 duration. Every cam is custom ground and guaranteed to be the perfect match for your application. 533-inch lift at both the intake and exhaust valves, and an advertised duration in degrees of 284. Guaranteed lowest price! fully remanufactured 351 windsor roller cam long engine with new pistons, rings, bearings, camshaft, pushrods, roller lifters, reground crankshaft, cylinder heads fully remanufactured. Freight Prepaid. This Edelbrock cam kit produced 325 ft-lbs. However there were many block that were roller compatible such as the gen1 lightning (around 93/94 351w blocks and up) which means you can use a roller setup but actually it cam from the factory with a flat tappet cam. I’m thinking Mustang 5. It is my understanding that a lot of the 96 f250 351's had the actuall roller cam. Focusing on Ford 351w in stock. roller cams and lifters, our kit components are supplied to work in conjunction with the Factory Hyd. Welcome to the official Johnson Lifters® web page. 0L / 351W 2000 to 6000 Howards Cams Street Strip Racing StreetStripRacing. This means that your 5. You would have to change the firing order to a 351W but that is really of no concern. 0L HO cam advertised specs are 266?/266? duration, 0. Currenty I get 7s on 0-60 and I'd like to improve that. Will be using edelbrock rpm heads 1. 030" borestock 1969 crank, . The cam install was finished off by assembling the double roller timing Let me make sure I have this correct, ok? I want to build a 351W (prolly early 70's block) with a roller cam & lifters, so I can either: 1. 456/. heads. This 408 stroker is more a budget project with a nodular iron custom crankshaft, I-beam rods, forged pistons, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads and induction, and a 1980s-vintage 351W block fitted with a Comp Cams roller hydraulic camshaft. Has e303 cam ford motorsport double roller timing chain 4 degrees advanced. Information 1973-1991 Ford Taylor Siro Pro wires, MSD cap and rotor, 1. I converted my 351W to a hydraulic roller cam and roller rocker arm setup a long time ago. As the best all around lifter available for Ford applications, these Solid Roller Lifters from COMP Cams® are engineered to withstand the demands of aggressive cam lobe designs and increased RPM ranges. This Mustang F Cam offers a good idle quality and great mid to upper RPM power for your 302 Fox Body engine. Atk High Performance Ford 351w 300hp Stage 1 Crate Engine Hp09. You might find a cam made by someone else and see that summit has the same profile much cheaper but a closer look is important. The aftermarket is also rife with all kinds of Ford parts, and the 351W is one of those parts you can find all over the internet. 60 performer rpm aluminum headsarp […] This build is designed for all you guy’s looking for the 427CI power plant that won’t break the bank. BLOCK # F4TE-AA. Dart advised that since hydraulic roller lifters were used, it would be best to plug the front (where the main is being fed from our pump) and leave the rear lifter passage open (no restrictor). BlueRacer Extruded Aluminum, Full-Roller Rockers † CNC-machined, extruded billet aluminum main bodies for strength and deflection resistance. New cam and lifters. Roller 302 Block Overview; (351W Cranks) 3. Hydraulic Roller Camshaft; 1963 - 2002 Ford 221-302 / 5. What do you guys recommend? I had two local guys recommend this kit. The Ford B303 cam was developed by Ford Racing for street or strip racing performance. Ford 351W Hydraulic Roller Kits at Competition Products! Ford 351W Hydraulic Flat Tappet Kits, Ford 351W Hydraulic Roller Kits That cylinder block should be roller-cam compatible, but will likely have the flat-tappet cam installed. Also have 7 brand new standard pistions with no rings. Stock 351W (C9, D0, D8, D9 castings) Cost per pair: Varies Material: Iron Stock 351W - Ford D0OE * Flow data for this head from an external source. - Cam. Tweet. One set of eight standard used/miked good pistons along with brand new rings. Expansive variety of 351w roller at unbelievable prices. 540-inch Crane dual valve springs matched to the hydraulic roller cam. i'd like to avoid having a cutom cam ground being this is not a drag car. I don't have Comp Cams Sbf 351w Solid Roller Cam 298dr 6 35 780 9 Low Price. If your stuck get onto the Ford Forums and poke your way into the Australian section. Innovative solutions to the High Performance Automotive Industry. high-performance-engines. They do not have roller rockers like the uninformed 1st answerer said (except the 93-95 Cobra Mustangs). Is the 95 351 a roller cam? If it is, you COULD just put the 302 cam from your old motor in so the computer will still work. km/hr. This Ford Performance F303 hydraulic roller camshaft, also known as an F cam, is a great way to add horsepower to your 5. Product Description The Crane Classic retrofit hydraulic roller lifters for Ford 221-351W, Boss 302 and 351C/M-400M are made from 8620 billet steel to tight tolerances for consistent operation in high spring pressure and high RPM applications. And as it is I have maybe $250 in it. So I've looked around and have heard of people pushing 6500rpm with a previously non-roller Windsor with just the addition of linked roller lifters, roller-rockers, shorter push rods and a hydralic roller cam (in my case I'm hoping to use a Trickflow stage 2 cam; and this will be a daily, mild street build). 000″ main, Ford 351W . Hey guys,Im new here Im doing some research to see whats my best options and combo's. best 351w roller cam

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